Assignment Three

For this final assignment I decided to work from a photograph I had taken for one of the previous exercises. I chose to work on A2 paper using charcoal.  I chose an image that included shrubbery, trees and linear perspective. The buildings, fencing and gardens would give me an opportunity to draw straight-lined objects as well as items drawn from nature. I attempted to create depth in my drawing by using the lighter charcoal for the distant sky, whilst creating the more bold or near-by objects by applying more pressure on the paper and using darker charcoal pencil. The depth of the drawing is also shown through the perspective of the buildings.

As with my past assignments I believe that more preliminary sketches are needed in order to make a final drawing successful. Next time, I will experiment with more varied techniques and possibly different types of appropriate paper. On reflection, I lacked any type of mark-making on this drawing and I feel a revised version of this same photograph could work if I took a different approach to the way I used the charcoal.



Foreground, Middle ground, Background

For this exercise I used a photograph I had taken of a landscape for reference.  I feel more time should have been put into this drawing as it was, unintentionally, left unfinished after I had put it to one side to make time for reflection. The image doesn’t appropriately represent the concept I had in mind when approaching this exercise. The plan was to do a light wash to represent the distant images, whilst adding more colour to detail to the middle ground and yet even more in the foreground, using lots of lines and contrasting colours. The exercise would have been more successful if patience had gone into creating more detail within the shrubbery. This particular piece of work is something I’d like to work on to go towards my final assignment.



Developing Your Studies

In preparation for this exercise I first did a warm-up with oil pastels in my sketchbook. I chose a photograph I had taken of a landscape showing a great contrast between land and sky.

In the second drawing I used coloured pencils and marker to show the contrast between the bright night sky and dark skyline of the buildings and trees. I think the concept worked well, though it would have worked much better if I had built up more colour and line in the clouds.

Study of Several Trees


The mass foliage was conveyed through the wet brush strokes after using watercolour pencils. I had purposefully left areas of the paper exposed to represent the light through the leaves and branches. The light on the different parts of tree were shown through the lights and dark of the pencil colours, and the twigs were created using a line pen and watercolour pencils without the moisture of a wet brush applied. I attempted to show the chaos of the trees by using random pencil strokes and

Improvements could be made to this work by possibly using different shades of colour for the foliage to give the picture depth and show trees that a more distant than others.

Larger Observational Study of an Individual Tree

For this exercise I was asked to complete a large observational study of a tree, working fairly quickly and spending at least an hour on the work. I first used a calligraphy pen to experiment how well it would work for use in drawing the branches; the thick branches and thin twigs, but opted to used a line pen for the final drawing as it was easier to express the fine detail and texture of the bark and moss.

I am happy with the outcome of the drawing and I feel the pen really brings out the texture in the tree. On reflection I think there could have been more detail and lines to represent the angle of the light source; something to experiment with in future exercises.